Mountain View Ranch

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Leaning Pine
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Skipper Viles
Owner of Mountain View Ranch

    George A. "Skipper" Viles managed Mountain View Ranch from 1915 to 1930 for Henry U. Mudge.  Mr. Mudge was president of the Rock Island Railroad and later the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  Skipper purchased the ranch from Mr. Mudge and owned the ranch until 1945.  He was well known in the area, as he had lived there most of his life.  Skipper was not, however, known for the friendly outgoing manner that one would expect from the owner of a well known guest ranch.  He was gruff and taciturn, seldom stopping to visit with the guests.

    Skipper always wore worn work clothes, even when later in his life he went to Tucson for the winter.  He always wore a fine beaver hat with the crown in a peak rather than with the traditional cowboy crease.




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