Mountain View Ranch

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Leaning Pine
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Main Lodge 1935


Main Lodge
Mountain View Ranch about 1935

    View is to the west up Winsor Canyon with Santa Fe Baldy in the background.  The Pecos River is at the bottom of the picture hidden by the trees.  Photograph taken from Grass Mountain just to the northeast of where the Pecos River and Winsor Creek join.

    This remote valley in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains was not inhabited until the late 1880's.  There were families living below Cowles and on Grass Mountain, but the terrain into Cowles was very rough and difficult to get to.  Now there is a paved road from the City of Pecos 26 miles down the valley.  The Mountain View Ranch property was acquired by the National Forest Service in the early 1970's and all buildings were cleared from the grounds.  Today, this view would show a grassy meadow.

    Altitude at the Main Lodge is about 8,500 feet above sea level.  Santa Fe Baldy, in the background of the photograph, is 12,622 feet above sea level.



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