Mountain View Ranch

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Leaning Pine

Local Map (below)

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Local Map to Cowles, NM


Altitude at Cowles is about 8,500 feet above sea level.


Directions to Cowles, NM

  • Exit I-25 at Rowe, NM (New Mexico State Highway #63) or
         exit I-25 at Glorieta, NM (New Mexico State Highway #50)

  • Drive from I-25 exit to Pecos, NM

  • At intersection of NM-50 & NM-63:
         from NM-50 turn left (north) onto NM-63

  • Drive north on NM-63 about 26 miles to Cowles

  • Cowles is marked by a sign

  • There are no Mountain View cabins remaining, the meadow just to the north of the Cowles bridge is the site of Mountain View Ranch

Pack a lunch, enjoy the view!  There are many hiking trails, or drive up the road to Jack's Creek campground for astounding views of the Pecos Wilderness including Pecos Baldy and Truchas Peaks.

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